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Beaverton City Teen Library Council

Reading Together

I was thrilled to be chosen for the Beaverton City Library Teen Council—a role I've passionately held onto as I journey through high school. Being part of this council has been more than just an involvement; it's been a path to champion our library as an indispensable haven for all age groups. 

Deeply aware of the intimate bond between reading and mental wellness, I was drawn to this position, eager to beckon more teens towards the enriching aisles of our library. My mission? To weave an even more inclusive and diverse tapestry within our community. As a proud member of the Teen Council, my days have been filled with dynamic event curation, vigorous library advocacy at my school, podcast productions, and stimulating chats with my council peers. Our advocacy for expanding library services has provided me with a practical understanding of the policy-making process, demonstrating how grassroots efforts can enhance educational support for teens. Beyond forging cherished friendships and gathering an enviable list of must-reads, this endeavor has given me with the chance to leave a positive impact within my local community.

To learn more about the the Teen Library Council and listen to our podcasts click on the link below:

Teen Library Council

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