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Up Close and Personal

Hey there! I'm Avni Gulrajani, a high school sophomore with a passion that goes beyond the classroom. When I'm not lost in the rhythms of Indian classical dance or pouring my emotions into piano keys, you'll find me diving deep into diverse literature.

But here's what really drives me: transforming the way we think and talk about mental health. As a co-founder and co-president of our school's Active Minds chapter, I've been at the forefront of reshaping conversations and creating ripples of positive change.

My journey took an unexpected turn when I joined YouthLine as an intervention specialist. It was here that I connected the dots between teen mental health, public health services, and the policies shaping them. The more I learned, the clearer my passion became: empowering young voices, like mine, to challenge and influence the policies affecting us daily.

Enter the New York Times Instagram page: a treasure trove of information and insights. It revealed to me the power of social media as a tool for enlightenment. That spark ignited a mission within me—to ensure my peers have access to critical information that shapes our world.

So, welcome to my website — a space where I share fresh perspectives, hopefully ignite conversations, and bring you along on my adventures, both in learning and life. Let's inspire, learn, and use our voices to make waves in the world. Come journey with me!

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