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Democracy Summer Program


This summer, fresh on the heels of turning 16, I dove headfirst into the vibrant world of the Democracy Summer program, sponsored by none other than my district's dynamic representative, Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici.

Week 1 kickstarted on June 26th with an orientation to the program, followed by a warm welcome from DCCC Chairwoman Suzan DelBene. The highlight? An enriching session with Rep. Jamie Raskin titled 'The Struggle for a More Perfect Union.'

Week 2 deepened my understanding of voting rights and fair elections. It also threw light on the concerning rise of political authoritarianism, especially focused on voter suppression in various states.


By Week 3, our focus shifted to the labor movement's role in American democracy, exploring its rich history and the current state of labor union organizing.

In Week 4, we delved into the pivotal events of January 5th and 6th, examining the fine line between democracy and insurrectionism. Our discourse also touched upon the harrowing topic of gun violence and its implications on the American social fabric.

Week 5, on July 24th, took a contemporary turn, focusing on the current media landscape marked by fake news, conspiracy theories, and big lies.

As Week 6 rolled around on July 31st, we grappled with discussions on right-wing culture wars, particularly zeroing in on the constant assaults on women’s health and reproductive rights.

Finally, Week 7 we wrapped up our journey. We explored strategies to organize young Americans both online and in workplaces, culminating in reflections on our learnings throughout the program.


We were schooled in the art of political research, tailored to our home states, culminating in crafting catchy social media posts to spark voter zeal back in our neighborhoods. The cherry on top? A face-to-face with Congresswoman Bonamici, where we deep-dived into shared passions like mental health, education, and tackling gun violence.

A summer of democracy, indeed!"

You can stay up to date about Democracy Summer program by following us @NatlDemSummer on Twitter and Instagram!

For questions about this program, please contact the program's National Director, Madeline Kracov at

Democracy Summer 2023 Team
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