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Indian Classical Dance - Bharatnatyam

Classical Dance

My journey with Indian classical dance commenced when I was just about to turn six, right as I was learning to navigate the halls of Findley Elementary School in Beaverton. Under the tutelage of Dr. Jayanthi Raman, founder of the esteemed NATYA Dance Academy based in Portland, OR, I was molded, guided, and inspired. As the years unfurled, the dance floor transformed into my canvas, and through my movements, I narrated tales imbued with tradition and culture. From the spiritual ambiance of local temples to the bustling heartbeat of Pioneer Square in Portland, my dance echoed in myriad venues.

Through classical dance, I have discovered a profound avenue for connecting with the vibrant community of Portland, both on a local and civic level. I have had the privilege of performing at iconic venues such as Pioneer Courthouse Square, where I've danced beneath the open sky, surrounded by the heartbeats of this city. These performances, often part of local cultural festivals and events, have not only showcased the beauty of classical dance but have also allowed me to connect with diverse audiences, sparking conversations about the arts and our shared cultural heritage. Moreover, local theaters and venues have been stages for my dance expression, providing platforms where I can merge my artistic passion with civic engagement. Dancing in these spaces has allowed me to address crucial civic issues during post-performance discussions and Q&A sessions, creating a dynamic dialogue with the audience. It's been an opportunity to promote mental health awareness, advocate for youth empowerment, and raise awareness about public policy matters, forging connections between the artistry of dance and the engagement of civic responsibility.

Arangetram Brochure

However, the crescendo of my journey was undoubtedly my Arangetram, held on August 27th 2023 at the illustrious Patricia Reser Center for the Arts in Beaverton. There, bathed in spotlight and with the gaze of over 300 attendees upon me, I felt the culmination of years of dedication, discipline, and passion. This dance narrative, which sprouted during my early days in elementary school, had blossomed into a grand, mesmerizing spectacle of tradition, talent, and tenacity.

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