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Beaverton Mayor's Youth Advisory Board (MYAB)

Beaverton City Hall Office

 Picture above: Beaverton Council Chambers

MYAB, a visionary initiative created by the Beaverton Mayor, recognizes the importance of youth voices in shaping our city's future. 

When I decided to join the Beaverton Mayor's Youth Advisory Board (MYAB), it wasn't just about adding another line to my resume; it was a conscious choice driven by my unwavering passion for public policy and my desire to actively contribute to my community. This decision ties seamlessly with my commitment to fostering positive change, as seen in my various engagements outside of school. As a member of MYAB, I saw an opportunity not only to advocate for the needs and perspectives of local youth but also to actively participate in shaping policies that directly impact their lives. This experience dovetails perfectly with my roles in the Beaverton City Library Teen Council, and Westview Active Minds, where I've learned the power of grassroots efforts and honed my skills in advocacy and leadership. MYAB serves as a pivotal platform where my passion for public policy finds real-world application, allowing me to translate ideas into actionable change within my community. It's not just about being involved; it's about making a difference, one policy at a time.

More about Beaverton MYAB.

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