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Youth Policy Corner Portland

Welcome to, where the intersection of youth advocacy, mental health awareness, and civic engagement unfolds through a unique blend of personal involvement and insightful commentary. As an active participant in initiatives like Oregon YouthLine, Democracy Summer, Active Minds, the Beaverton Mayor's Youth Advisory Board, and the Beaverton City Library Teen Council, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of youth engagement in addressing critical issues that affect us all.

This blog is a culmination of those experiences, aimed at shedding light on how policy decisions ripple through society, affecting everything from healthcare access and education quality to environmental sustainability and technological innovation.

Beyond my involvement with various advocacy and civic initiatives, I am an avid researcher interested in delving into academic texts and scholarly articles beyond the classroom walls. My curiosity drives me to explore complex topics, ranging from public policy implications to the nuances of mental health, and to pen down my reflections on how these scholarly insights intersect with my personal experiences and advocacy work. This blog also serves as a platform to showcase some of the independent research endeavors I am particularly proud of. These projects reflect my commitment to addressing systemic issues through rigorous research and underline the importance of informed advocacy in driving meaningful change.

My aspiration is for this page to be the spark that motivates you to be more politically engaged, pushes you to champion the causes close to your heart, and empowers you to play an active role in sculpting a society rooted in inclusivity and fairness. By sharing insights from my involvement with various youth-led initiatives and analyzing current policy impacts, this blog serves as a resource for anyone looking to understand the complexities of these issues and join the conversation on how we can make a difference.

Whether you're interested in mental health advocacy, civic engagement, or the impact of public policy on youth, you'll find thought-provoking content, personal reflections, book recommendations, and actionable advice here. Join me on this journey to drive real progress in our communities and beyond!

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